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PrestaShop is a popular and user-friendly ecommerce software with an active community developing extensions and themes. With PrestaShop almost everyone can potentially set-up a store and start selling in a matter of hours. It is worth noting that PrestaShop comes with multi-lingual support out of the box.

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Prestashop overview:

PrestaShop is a popular PHP ecommerce platform that originated in France back in 2007.

Why Prestashop:

What we like about Prestashop is a balance between ease of use while maintaining a healthy availability of extensions and themes so there's less need to hire a PrestaShop developer for minor customisations.

Unique features:

PrestaShop is available in over 60 languages out of the box and unlike other softwares there's no need to download a specific version or an add-on: you can simply choose your language during the installation process.

How to request PrestaShop:

You can try PrestaShop for free on hosting by simply filling up the above form.