FTP server details

The File Transfer Procotol (FTP) is used by ilbello.com to let you upload (and download) files to your ilbello.com website.

In order to use it you need an FTP Client and the username / password combination associated with your website.

  • Host: ftpN.ilbello.com - Port: depending on the N server assigned.
    Please check your activation email or contact ilbello.com

Suggested FTP Client:

FileZilla (free, opensource and available for Windows, Mac, Linux)

Speed tips

FTP is a very old standard and requires opening and closing a TCP connection for each file that is transferred.
This behaviour was perfectly acceptable when the protocol was designed, however it is inefficient to transfer thousands of small files, as it is the case today with modern CMS and PHP frameworks.

A much faster option is to upload a single .zip file via FTP and then extract it with PHP. This is possible thanks to the fact ZIP functions are enabled on ilbello.com.

File permissions / CHMOD

Forget anything bad related to file owner / permissions / chmod 777.

ilbello.com manages file permissions correctly so you don't have to mess around with them. This has been the case since 2007, and even today we believe it's the single most recognizable feature a proper hosting service should have.

Countless hours have been saved to website developers and support staff.
As a matter of fact, the FTP chmod command is intentionally disabled...